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Lotion Mixers

Conveying Machines Mfg. Co. design Lotion And Shampoo Mixer are very efficient and maintenance free mixer. Our special emphasis is on product shine, Improved quality and reduced batch time.We offered Products are also tested on various parameters to make sure their proper functioning and long life. The beater or the agitation assembly rotate around itself as well as travel in a circle in the bowl thereby achieving intimate mixing.

Every new product is born in the lab - every new process is born in small batches, but often evolves into large scale production. Conveying Machines Mfg. Co. uses this knowledge to your advantage and expands the product range for the cosmetics industry with innovative machines and equipment that will help you tap into new markets. With machines ranging in size from lab to pilot, Thermotech offers you the accurately functioning pattern to realize your production idea.

Lotion Mixers
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